The e-GeForce GTX 280 with special edition EVGA precision overclocking utility, brings you the latest in graphics card technology from Nvidia. Engineered for the enthusiast your system will be able to handle the latest games, high definition digital video, and Windows Vista with aplomb. The features of the GTX 280 01G-P3-1284-AR include the GeForce GTX 280 (648MHz clock) chipset, 1GB of 512-bit .8ns GDDR3 memory with a 1161 MHz clock with an effective rate of 2322 MHz, 1404MHz Shader Clock, 240 stream processors, PCI Express 2.0 compatibility, 2 Dual DVI-I connectors and one HDTV, 148.6GB per second memory bandwidth, 2nd generation NVIDIA unified architecture, Full Microsoft DirectX 10, NVIDIA 2 way and 3 way SLI ready, NVIDIA PureVideo HD technology, NVIDIA CUDA technology, NVIDIA PhysX Ready and OpenGL 2.1 support. Built for Microsoft Windows Vista. This product comes with a lifetime warranty. Product must be registered at within 30 days of purchase to get the lifetime warranty.

Product Features

* Ships with Free Special Edition EVGA Precision Overclocking Utility and is PCI Express 2.0 Compatible
* GeForce GTX 280 with 648MHz clock
* 1GB 512-bit .8 ns GDDR3 memory
* 1161 MHz clock/2322 MHz effective memory rate
* Full DirectX 10 and Open GL 2.1 Support

Technical Details

* RAMDAC: Dual 400 MHz
* Additional Features: HDTV Ready
* Additional Features: SLI Ready
* Additional Features: DirectX 10
* Additional Features: OpenGL 2.1
* Additional Features: PCI Express 2.0
* Additional Features: HDCP Enabled (Dual-Link)
* Maximum Resolution: 2560 x 1600 (Digital)
* Video Memory: 1GB
* Memory Type: GDDR3
* Memory Interface: 512-bit
* Stream Processors: 240
* Core Clock: 648 MHz
* Memory Clock: 2322 MHz
* Shader Clock: 1404 MHz
* Memory Bandwidth: 148.6GB/sec.


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